Oh no I'm so sorry you had a bad experience with a commissioner. Don't take it too personally I'm sure it's not your fault, you've always been super kind and professional. c:

ah this time I wasn’t so professional

but agh ;w; I’m definitely smiling now cause Jude and our friends are ridiculous and great ahaha

agh goddam I am so lucky to have a gf like jude, and my friends, and amazing patient and sweet followers like you ; m ;

jesus im getting emotional it’s embarassing ffkjdf


so due to a recent bad incident.

I won’t take new commissions until October. I will use the remaining of this month to completely finish my old commissions. 

I had wanted to slowly save up money while steadily finishing my old commissions too, but I think..I would…really not like to face another angry commissioner.

It’s kind of scary.

was too impatient to wait until I could go to library this week to scan my sketchbook, so I just used the picture I took with my phone to color over it ff

was too impatient to wait until I could go to library this week to scan my sketchbook, so I just used the picture I took with my phone to color over it ff


how much time do you spend sketching every day to fill up your sketchbooks? I'm still kind of struggling with cranking sketchbooks out, I feel like most of the time I sit down to draw and I end up doodling nonsense, or I spend way too long on one thing. I guess what I'm asking is what's your "sketchbook process"? (Also I'd love to buy a print version of your books, they're wonderful ; 3;)

Oh man I KNOW that struggle


It wasn’t until this year actually when I was able to comfortably fill a sketchbook page, front and back, top to bottom in ALL the pages of the sketchbook.

like this current one I’m working on is actually my only SECOND sketchbook where each sheet is front and back page filled, and each page is decently taken up.

up till now, you look at my past sketchbooks and you’ll see like two or three pages of good draws and then like ten more pages of litterlay a circle.and then x. and like scribbles..and like non-serious funny doodles.

I think it’s become easier for me to just pick up a ball point pen and sketch straight up, or just ink/ finish drawings because I’ve gotten to a better point with anatomy, and perspective and other fundemental concepts, and visualizing these things. and less intimidated by blank paper

it definitely helps too that I’m doing practices on the side with real life studies too.

but yeah, I think it is just getting used to JUST drawing without letting any mental fear or hesitation, confident line strokes, having many ideas in your brain so that you don’t get bored,

but this is how I work, I’m not sure how it’ll work for you.

oh and

what’s my sketchbook process:

before doing commissions or other “serious” art, I usually open my sketchbook and draw with pencil or ball point pen several sketches that help me loosen up, i start out with drawing very exaggerated things and then towards the end of the warm up I’ll be drawing more serious sketches

and I try to keep these warm ups as enjoyable and stressless as possible by drawing what I generally really like, which is monster people, chicks, grungy themes, bandages and sad eyes XD

I guess easing into serious drawing by starting off with drawings that you’re already comfortable with and enjoy drawing is a good way to use as “warm ups”

oh and how much time everyday:

generaelly a warm up can go from 30 min to two hours.

like today I think i sketched for 2 or 3 hours cause i just kept having more ideas to draw


What i wouldn't give for a print copy of one of your sketchbooks...

ohh that’s what I’m trying to put together by April

meanwhile I’m going to be trying to put out a pdf of my sketchbook drawings and concepts on gumroad every month or every two months for cheap purchase, as a way to support myself monetarily wise haha
(since most people are interested in print then digital, I thought i make the digital version also favorable in the sense that they’ll include video recordings of some drawings and such)

but yeah! I’m glad you would want a copy of my sketchbook, that makes me happy! It’ll be available one dayyy next yearr //flails

Some pen sketchies

The very top one is my fursona potato-chan.
I’m potato-chan, the most beautiful potato that Jude ever has..if that’s even grammatically correct…wat

oh man thoughts on giveaways and also a proper thank you!

Firstly, thank you to the people who donated to me ; m ;

That was just ugh I can’t, //crippled with feels that you guys would want to support me and think it worth it to.
I was having a kinda rough week tbh, so it’s just really nice that I can stress a little less about money for this week, by taking fewer commissions, altho I’m probably still gonna use the time to catch up on my old commissions XD haha but still! It’s like a load of stress off my back, thank you!

Giveaway thoughts:

I hit another milestone on followers recently, so mm thinking about what I could giveaway,..I’m thinking of waiting until April actually, when I can print some zines and I could giveaway one or two of those : D

but nonetheless, Thank you so much guys for the support and nice messages, and just being awesome honestly. 
And I’ll work harder at art, sharing my thoughts when it’s wanted, and I guess..just gonna do my best to be a better person in general haha //flails

wellp other than that you can always catch me on instagram and twitter, I update so much over there xD lots of  quick sketches oh and I found a dead cicada, took a pic of that LMAO


Awesome theme dude! :D My compliments.

Thanks! :’D

gf was telling me that my blog was looking a bit too cluttered so with her help I picked out a theme that looks cleaner, and also organized my about me and faq page some more, hopefully it’s easier to look through now haha.

At least, I like it haha

Attention please!



I need everyone’s help to signal boost this post and if you can just take a minute to reblog this then that’d be great! I’ll try to be as concise as possible. Before I explain the situation, I’d like to mention that: THIS WILL NOT COST YOU A CENT!


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My girlfriend, Croworu is an artist and she’s been working very hard trying to improve everyday. It’s her dream to study art and hopefully, be able to make a living out of it.


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Her main blog
New art blog
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please check out my friendss

Hera is like a freaking rad person, met her in person at anime expo from last year and Jude and I totally were instantly: YES YOU ARE OUR HOMO FRIEND.

now cause of Tina we call her Alpha-homo and it’s pretty great XD

okay okay anyways

YEAH MAN PLEASE HELP HER OUT, she has fantastic art, and she’s such a hardworker

at least check her stuff out and follow her :’D